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Massage Therapy

Aside from the many treatments Vanessa provides, she can also give you advice on home-care, possible causes for your aches and pains and tips and basic stretches and/or exercises to minimise your symptoms.

She has taken pregnancy massage and massage for infants courses so please feel free to discuss massage with Vanessa if you are pregnant.

To download a printable list of the treatments below click here.

Massage (in studio)

Massage Body Therapy

Customised to meet your personal requirements - concentrating on areas of concern or areas of tightness to fit your needs and/or timeframe.
30 minutes $40 / 60 minutes $65
90 minutes $100 / 120 minutes $150
Pregnancy massage - same prices as above.

The Blue Butterfly Hot Stones Massage, $100

A 90 minute journey into bliss. You will enjoy a warm bed, soothing vanilla bean oil and hot stones throughout your treatment.

Couples Massage Lesson, $80

Learn the art of massage. A 60 minute lesson so you can learn how to pamper each other with the basic Swedish massage strokes. You will spend approximately 30 minutes on each other and also get to take home a 'Perfect Potions' Massage Oil so you can practice at home.

Body Treatments (in studio)

The Blue Butterfly Vanilla Dream, $70

Enjoy a warm room on a cold winter's night. An hour long full body massage whilst being drizzled with warm vanilla infused oils.

Holistic Pulsing, $40

Holistic pulsing is a gentle and safe therapy that is suited to people of all ages and most health conditions. In your session you will lie fully clothed on the massage table. You will be rhythmically rocked to generate a wave-like motion throughout your body. Benefits can include deep relaxation, mind-body-spirit connection, increased joint mobility and pain relief. This is a 40 - 60 minute session depending on the body and the clients needs.

The Blue Butterfly Tropical Bliss

40 minutes $50 / 60 minutes $75
The Blue Butterfly Tropical bliss treatment consists of a hot towel to warm up the back area. You will then receive a 30 or 50 minute back massage with warm coconut infused oil and a 10 minute coconut butter foot massage - this all takes place in a warm room and on a warm bed so you can relax and feel as though you are in the tropics.

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Massage at Your Place (for two or more people)

It's the perfect solution to a rainy weekend or after a hard week of work or maybe it's your birthday or its Valentines. It's also a nice way to wind down with the girls in your hotel room the night before your BIG day. Invite two or more friends to your place or place of your choice to be pampered. All you need to do is answer the door and relax.

Massage Table - 30 minutes $40 each / 60 minutes $65 each
Massage Chair - 10 minutes $15 each / 15 minutes $20 each/ 20 minutes $25 each
Foot spa – 30 minutes $40 each / 60 minutes $65 each - Treatments include a foot and ankle massage. Have your feet soothed, softened, exfoliated, massaged and wrapped. Sit back and relax!
Would you like champagne with that? Let me know and bubbles and chocolates can be arranged and added to your bill!
PLUS travel costs - Travel costs will be added on to your total and will be anything from $10 upwards depending on your location/destination. Please note that if you are doing this before your wedding day and you or any of your bridesmaids have had tanning treatments that you may want to consider just having an 'over the clothes' massage or perhaps a foot spa.

The Blue Butterfly Massage Therapy Limited's therapist/s may leave any venue if it is not safe or suitable or if any clients act inappropriately. Due to the mobile aspect there will be times when your therapist/s may be running late because of traffic congestion and other circumstances beyond our/their control. It is very important to us that we reach you at the agreed time but in the event we may be running late we sincerely hope you understand.

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child friendlyThe Blue Butterfly Massage Therapy Limited is child-friendly –
please feel free to bring along your child.

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