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 Baby Photo Packages


Blue Butterfly Baby Bump Photo Session - $150
Blue Butterfly Baby Photo Session - $150 *
Blue Butterfly Big Bambino Photo Session - $100 **

I want to do all I can to make you feel comfortable with me as your photographer, with your new shape and as comfortable as you can feel within the environment we are shooting in.

To make you more comfortable the shoot will take place in the comfort of your own home – I will come to you. The session will only go for as long as you are comfortable. The session finishes when you say it does. During the session we will find your comfort zones and shoot to those.

Whether you would like baby on its own, mother and child photos or the whole family involved this is a time that presents some opportunities for some amazing once in a lifetime photos. Not only will you get the opportunity to receive some amazing photos of you and your child but this is also an amazing opportunity for bonding. This shoot is dictated by yourself and your baby therefore; the length of the session depends entirely on how you and baby are feeling.

* Please note that if you have both the Blue Butterfly Baby Bump photo Session and the Blue Butterfly Baby Photo Session this is considered a follow up package and you receive a $50 discount.

** Please note that if you have both the Blue Butterfly baby Photo session and the Blue Butterfly Big Bambino Session that this is considered part of a package and you will receive a $20 discount.

Celebrate one of the happiest moments in your life – the arrival of a newborn into the family – by having the special moments captured on film.

Baby packages

What an amazing time in your life whether it is your first baby bump or your third! What an amazing way to celebrate the new life you are about to bring into the world.